Meet the Team

Mayra Smiths

Arvind Vasu

Principal Consultant & Business Owner

Born in Sweden, and raised in Chennai, India, Arvind has spent a large part of his professional life overseas and returned to India in 2004.

Arvind has led two business start-ups in India. In 2004, he was responsible for starting up a Robotics business from scratch for ABB. He also built a welding equipment business for Kemppi, a Finnish company in Chennai between 2010 and 2013. His career marks more than 22 years of experience in a variety of Automation Business Areas such as Information Technology, Process Automation, and Robotics.  During this time he has held several management & leadership positions in Sales, Marketing, Business Development and Operations. During his career, Mr.Vasu has lived and worked five countries including Sweden, USA, Malaysia, China, and India.

Arvind Vasu is fluent in English & Swedish, and also speaks Tamil, Hindi and basic Mandarin Chinese. He enjoys a wide variety of interests including music, scuba diving, tennis and golf & motorcycles.

Mayra Smiths

Paul Robichaud


Paul was born and raised in the Greater Chicago area in USA. The first 18 years of Paul's career was spent in sales, marketing and business development. He has worked with SME's as well as MNC's such as, GAF Corp and Mallinckrodt Chemicals. He has lead three start-ups, one in the USA and two in India.

The first start-up in 1998, was a flash lamp manufacturing unit called Strobe Light Inc. The company sold direct to oem's, primarily in the vehicular warning, tower lighting and photographic industries. Paul moved to Chennai in 2004 and established a garment manufacturing unit under the name of MPE Apparel. This factory manufactured disposable garments and flame resistant workwear for export to USA. The garments were primarily sold into heavy industry.

The next start-up was established in 2013 under MPE. This unit manufactures automotive components which are sold to OEM's. The primary market is India. This unit is unique in the respect that it employs 90% women in an industry that primarily employs men.

Paul's experience includes direct involvement in many aspects of business that literally extends from the plant floor to the Executive office. He has conducted business in many countries throughout North America, Europe and Asia. Paul's native language is English and he also has basic Spanish skills. He enjoys most outdoor sports and fitness activities.